Growing your career as an individual education consultant can be one tough job. It can be a tedious process to create links and trust relationships with Chinese Institutions. This means rather than working as a lone player you need to join hands with Heritage Consultants. Well, Heritage Consultants is an reputed name in the Education consulting field. We provide you a platform where you can directly get connected with the Chinese Institutions and recommend students. Establishing alliance with Heritage Consultants is a winning situation for you. It will significantly help to reduce costs associated with establishing cooperation with the Chinese Institutions. Moreover, language is also a major barrier when you have to communicate with the Chinese Institutes.

Why you should establish alliance with Heritage Consultants

  • The biggest benefit is the economic incentive. You will not have to spend a dime to establish cooperation with the Chinese Institutes.
  • If you are new to the education consultancy field, then you can get adequate insight from Heritage Consultants because we are experienced in this field. We will give you detailed insight about application processing and tracking as well.
  • We also ease down the language barrier and when you are using our platform to recommend students, then you will not have to deal with any application delays due to any miscommunication because of language issues. We ensure the fact that all our team members , companies and individuals are well-equipped with the necessary skills to get successful registration in the Chinese schools.
  • Heritage Consultants gives you direct access to about 100 schools so this saves up on your time and effort.
  • When you will be joining our team, then you will not have to wait for your commission as well. The amount will be granted to you as soon as the student completes the registration process. The best part is that you get access to the full commission and no deductions whatsoever.
  •  The biggest incentive we at Heritage Consultants have is that the number of Chinese schools establishing cooperation with us is increasing at  a massive pace so there is no risk involved in this partnership program.

How  to join Heritage Consultants team

If you want to establish a successful cooperation with us, then make sure that you read the following steps which furnish information regarding how you need to join our team.

  • You have to register with Heritage Consultants as a company or as an individual and wait for our approval.
  • Once you have been approved as a partner, you need to make the application on the behalf of the student.
  • When the application is approved and the student gets enrolled, you will get your full commission.

Now when you are applying as an individual willing to join Heritage Consultant field, then you need to have two things in mind. If the Chinese school has not established a cooperation with Heritage consultants, then you will be directly given the commission from the Chinese schools which Heritage Consultants get. However, if the Chinese school has already established a cooperation with Heritage Consultants, then you can directly get access to the institute’s contact person. Moreover, you will get the full commission from the Chinese Institute.

Terms and Conditions applicable for members willing to join Heritage Consultants team

Make a note of the terms and conditions as well if you wish to join our platform.

  • You can join establish a partnership program with Heritage Consultants either as a company or an individual who wants to recommend students to Chinese Institutions. You can even join Heritage Consultants if you have not recommended any students but you are in contact with foreigners who are eager to go to China for educational purposes.
  • All individuals willing to join Heritage Consultants should furnish real id information.
  • Your submitted documents need to be authentic.
  • The students can only be recommended once the application gets approved.
  • You have to practice transparency when dealing with students.
  • Heritage Consultants will give you the admission package and you should make sure that you charge this package only from the students.
  • You cannot use the logo of Heritage Consultants on your website if you have joined the company or individual partnership program.
  • Moreover, we will review your website when you join us as a partner. You can only join us once this step is completed.

Refund policy

It is essential to note down that a refund can only be given if a course is not offered  by Heritage Consultants. You need to be clear about the refund policy to avoid any unpleasant situation.

 Commission policy

The following are some of the essential details about the commission policy which you need to know by all means.

  • You will get the commission for successful registrations only.
  • The commission will not be offered for the scholarship students.
  • If you personally want to acquire education from a Chinese Institution, then you will not get any commission for your personal application.

          How to get the commission

  • Once the student registers with the institution, then you have to request the student to give you the payment receipt. You will upload this particular payment receipt on our website.
  • Heritage Consultants will verify the receipt and you will be granted the commission from us within a week. Make a note of the fact that when you withdraw the amount from Heritage Consultants e-wallet, then bank fee will be deducted.

If you have any confusion regarding our policy, then make sure that you get in touch with us on the phone number specified on our website. Our team members will ensure that they give you all the necessary information in this regard and remove all sorts of confusion. You can even email to us and our team will make it a point to get back to you with all the answers. However, we are keen to  establish our partnership program. This is why we are offering special perks to the individuals who intend to collaborate with us in sending students abroad. This is why you will not be charged any extra fee in the first year.

Make sure you get in touch with us right away.

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